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Отдел по трудоустройству и работе с выпускниками.
We are a financial-technology startup designed to simplify the life of entrepreneurs in Europe. 

At Finom we are setting new standards for doing business, demonstrating how finances can and should be managed in this modern world – as easily as using your smartphone.

We believe that small businesses are the foundation of the European economy. We came to bring the technologies of the future to business management processes for entrepreneurs, allowing them to spend strength only on what benefits their business or pleasure them.

We started in 2019, and in April 2020 as a B2B-challenger we gained support from large venture firms from Silicon Valley such as General Catalyst, Target Global, and FJ Labs.

We are an active  international team, ready to  develop and develop our product, where everyone can  prove himself, communicate  directly with business creators and  influence the result and  change the world around.